We promote 
 Culture & Identity 

Our Mission

  • To promote ‘Culture and Identity’ by supporting cultural, educational and social initiatives
  • To preserve threatened cultural heritage, if ‘responsible parties’ are lacking the required resources
  • To prepare, to conserve, and to spread cultural heritage including cultural identity

New Projects

Kuturbrennerei Genshagen e.V. KulturBrennerei Genshagen e.V. is a young non-profit association established in 2019. The charity’s mission is to preserve the cultural heritage of the historic Genshagen Estate & its listed distillery and to develop them into a rural cultural space with regional and European appeal. The KulturBrennerei promotes arts, culture and education and its activities contribute to European awareness. In 2019 Stichting Horizon funded the pilot project “Ein Freiraum für die Künste – a free space for arts”. The aim is to establish a studio-, reading- and event space in the former Genshagen Estate’s distillery and to design a programme for this space with a particular hallmark and attraction. The project focuses on 5 areas:


  • literature/library;
  • visual art;
  • music;
  • art and cultural mediation/cultural education;
  • project management, development of the association, programme and concepts.

Intercultural and Integrative Choir Project, Innsbruck

The project Grenzklang (“Bordersound”) is a unique project in Tyrol/Austria, which started in January 2021. Its aim is to offer children of Persian origin and others who are interested an opportunity to promote singing and making music. Besides the pedagogical choir practice, the development of new bilingual songs (Farsi/German) will be prioritized, so that a connection to Persian culture is ensured. Furthermore, other (singing) cultures are also included, and the children can immerse themselves in the most diverse cultural circles and perceive them as equal and complementary. In (online) concerts (including videos), intercultural reference can be heard, seen and experienced accordingly (see e.g.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZQW6j8yqvA [31.03.21].

The project, which has been supported by Stichting Horizon from the beginning, focuses on the following areas:


  • development of bilingual songs (Farsi-German);
  • musical development (children and youth choir work);
  • personal development (within the choir community, networking – meetings with other choirs);
  • art and cultural mediation/cultural education;
  • intercultural development.